Tenancy Agreements
Terms & Conditions of Business
Landlord and Tenant Information Sheets
Standard Letters
In-House Administration Forms

For the newly established Letting Agency, or when it is simply time to "start over"

With considerable experience in the creation of new Agency documents, I can design documents to suit the specific needs and practices of your Agency, whilst always taking into consideration statutory requirements and required guidelines.

Tenancy Agreement forms purchased "off-the-shelf" can contain provisions which will never apply to your market, and be missing those which do. The benefit of a bespoke document saves on time consuming changes every time a tenancy is created.

Every Letting Agent needs clear and detailed Terms & Conditions of Business which efficiently outline the service offered, provide adequate protection and afford every opportunity to maximise income.

Satisfy the Duty of Care requirements imposed on Letting Agents by providing clear and informative Landlord and Tenant Information Guides explaining what they may expect and what is expected of them. These can be designed in a variety of formats, from a simple information sheet for handout or web-site, to a glossy brochure.

Clear communication is essential for a successful and effective Letting Agent. In addition to being good Risk Management, equipping your staff with properly constructed Standard Letters will present the best professional image of your Agency. From confirmation of Landlord instruction to the return of the Tenant's deposit, all the letters your Agency require can be supplied, tailored to meet your needs.

Internal communication is equally important for the smooth running of your business. In-House Administration Forms can be devised to your requirements to provide efficient means of keeping all departments advised throughout the tenancy process, eg offer sheets, check-lists, management visit sheets, works orders, accounts charge forms.

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